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Mr Sold

Auctioneer, Speaker and Trainer

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Whether you’re planning a Major Event, Charity Auction, Fundraiser, Property Auction, Sales training / Keynote, Need an Emcee, Or require a Presenter for your product or service

Call me on 0410 621 216 and we can discuss your needs

Charity Auctioneer

Scott Gibbons ‘MrSOLD’ is recognised as Sydney’s premier BIG EVENT auctioneer. If your organisation needs the skills of a hands on experienced charity auctioneer, then Contact Us Now!

Property Auctioneer

Scott Gibbons ‘MrSOLD’ won the Leonard Oades Annual Auction Trophy 10 years in a row! He also won the Century 21 ‘Golden Gavel’ award many many times. Regardless if you are a real estate agent or not, you need a superior auctioneer contact us.


“Scott will make your function come Alive!”
Scott and Rhonda will consult with you to find out what YOU want from your EMCEE and Deliver! From intimate to MAJOR events – talk to us.

Sales Training

If your industry involves selling or people you need Scott ‘Mr SOLD’. Scott Gibbons, known as ‘MrSOLD’ he has a passion for winning – for being the best in sales.He was the # 1 salesman in Australia for Century 21 Australia – part of the world’s biggest real estate group – 13 years in a row!
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Absolutely fantastic!!! Best auctioneer I have ever seen !!! From the moment you walked out I could feel the excitement building then when you got into your stride the crowd was in a frenzy. Thank you for helping make the night such a great success.

WOW! I have never seen my sales team respond to a training presenter the way they have to you. They are pumped!!

Your skills as an auctioneer again were amazing and got prices that went beyond our wildest dreams

Making sure the night was running smoothly, keeping the enthusiasm alive and also running alongside a very tight schedule